All the leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies realize how crucial effective data management and advanced analytics are for their industry. They always lookout for means to effectively exploit the subtle and decisive hidden opportunities in this ever-growing convergence of Big Data and Technology, which once transformed into actionable insights, can empower every resource within their organization to make smarter, faster and even more accurate decisions.


In today’s digital and dynamic world, Consumer Packaged Goods companies are constantly facing increasing operational costs, slow-growth and tech-savvy shoppers. The key to their survival and maintaining sustainable operational costs continuously requires innovative strategies, perspective and perseverance.


The key initiatives that the Consumer Packaged Goods industry currently needs to tackle for its’ potential expansion are:

  • Embracing ‘Big Data and New Age Marketing’ – the king in today’s digital world. The continuous overlapping taking place between data and marketing has caused a paradigm-shift in the mindset of the CPG companies, from consumer-buying behavioral insights towards marketing being an all employee-driven function. Data and insights will always continue to play a major-role in this industry; however effective IT alignment with key business-goals, driven towards clear-visibility of KPIs will play a critical role.
  • Wafer-thin margins, compressed cycle times and indecisive consumer loyalties are challenging the CPG industry to be even more reliant on constant and precise data, for making either operational or strategic business decisions.
  • With the advent of digitization and its’ rapid evolution, the senior-stakeholders of the CPG companies are now heavily dependent on IT for real-time tracking of business-process KPIs.
  • Its’ now becoming highly imperative for the CPG companies to have an end-to-end dashboard giving a complete enterprise-wide perspective, ranging from process-centric view of all the business functions till ensuing actionable insights.


Annik provides solutions that focus on addressing the key-issues across the entire spectrum of value-chain, varying from suppliers till consumers, so that our clients can always be one-step ahead of their competitors. We collaborate with world’s leading Consumer Packaged Goods companies to enable change through insights and technology. Our teams of experts are able to create actionable insights for the most-critical business issues in this space. We help companies attract, manage and retain profitable consumers by applying a wide-range of Advanced Analytics offerings, effectively tailored to suit every business need.