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Annik developed and implemented an Operations Scorecard Model to assess cost vs revenue and identify key factors to driving business decisions

Business Challenge

The company needed to simplify its strategic business decision building process in order to make it more impactful and drive cost savings. Goals included:

  • Create operational performance scorecard to identify key sales drivers, trends and root causes
  • Identify solutions and product combinations that drive cost in the business

Our Solution

Annik was able to design and implement a solution that blended the best-practices of data management and advanced data-modeling.

The integrated solution utilized the following approach –

  1. Develop contextual data integration strategy utilizing MDM, quality and optimization precepts
  2. Design Data Warehouse and develop ETLs for integrating data from external data sources
  3. Implemented Tabular Model Cube for processing metrics and measures
  4. Implemented business rules defining standardized bands for tolerance and variance checks on key parameters
  5. Formalized operational scorecard, complexity and cost model for order execution


Results & Benefits

Enhanced savings on operating expenses, while providing key insights for sustaining lead in its respective markets. Achieved through a well-defined, reliable & relevant Data Infrastructure. Operational Scorecard that assessed cost vs. revenue and helped identify the crucial factors for driving business decisions.

Value Proposition

Annik was able to bring together a team that had end-to-end capabilities in each of the key functions required for this complex solution. Using a combination of onshore and offshore experts, we were able to effectively deliver overall savings.



In today’s highly competitive world, leading Information and Communication Technology organizations realize how decisive effective data management and advanced analytics are for their industry. They are always looking out for means to effectively exploit the subtle and decisive opportunities in this ever-growing convergence of Big Data and Technology, which once transformed into actionable insights, can empower every resource within their organization to make smarter, faster and even more accurate decisions.


In today’s digital and dynamic world, Information and Communication Technology is an industry which is symbolized by accelerated innovation cycles, fluctuating margin pressures and complex delivery-models driven by rapidly-growing global competition.


The key challenges that the Information and Communication Technology services industry currently needs to tackle for its’ potential growth are:

  • In today’s cut-throat competitive world, solving their customers’ problem holds the key to survival. Innovation that is completely customer-centric and revolves around them, enabling the continuous improvement of their customers’ offerings and processes will form the core to growth & existence.
  • Almost all the latest and topmost IT services like cloud computing, post PC-mobility, social media, crowd-sourcing and community content are all outsourced; as a huge investment is needed in setting-up an in-house team and also the skill-sets associated with every technology is not easily available.
  • With the advent of cloud computing the costs and the complexities of maintaining an IT-infrastructure is gradually waning down. Nowadays cloud brokering is gathering pace, along with the emergence of enterprise app marketplaces and stores. All this has made life much easier for the CIOs, as they can focus more on their core-tasks rather than the maintenance of the underlying networks and infrastructure.
  • Nowadays CIOs need to deliver insights to the senior stakeholders on a almost real-time basis and that’s where big data comes into the scenario. These insights generated from the huge stockpiles of digital data, are quite critical for business and also developing new applications.

We at Annik, help companies improve their competitiveness by responding rapidly and intuitively to the changing market conditions and demands. We draw on all our industry-specific expertise to craft tailored solutions that help them implement successful leadership strategies. We collaborate with world’s leading Information and Communication Technology service providers to enable change through insights and technology. Our teams of experts are able to create Actionable Insights for the most-critical business issues in this space. We help companies attract, manage and retain profitable customers by applying a wide-range of Advanced Analytics offerings, subtlety tailored for every business need.

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Case Study

Annik developed and implemented an Operations Scorecard Model to assess cost vs revenue and identify key factors to driving business decisions...


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