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We help businesses with all their research needs to make informed decisions.

Annik is a leading provider of research solutions across a variety of industries globally. We enable clients to grow in an ever changing & highly competitive ecosystem.

Annik’s in-depth experience, strong industry reputation, distinctive innovations and global reach differentiate us in the marketplace.

Our integrated end-to-end research solutions, powered by technology innovations, deep domain knowledge, consulting & strategic thinking help deliver highly accurate, reliable and repeatable results.


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Our comprehensive research solutions include:


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Global Panel:

Reach the world

We are the 1 stop-shop for all your research needs, we deliver high integrity and valuable data that help organizations make informed decisions.

As part of our global panel solutions we also provide fully integrated online research project management platform Enterprise FieldworkPlus (eFWP) which allows to easily track and manage every detail of a global research project online

You want the most hard-to-reach, quality source for panelists.

We help you connect consumers, business professionals, hard-to-reach audiences, physicians and healthcare professionals across the globe.

  • Access to over 240 panels supporting over 70 countries
  • “1 Stop Shop”
    • 1 contact, 1 set-up, 1 area of accountability
    • “Best” sample from right panel in each market at economical costs
  • Successfully blend panels for low incidence targets
  • Expertise in working on B2C, B2B, Healthcare projects
  • Multi Country, Multi Mode (Online, Phone, In-Person)
  • Complete ownership, Full project management
  • Local market vendor partners


Global technological solutions – to provide easy access to survey results & reporting

global_solution Research Services


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Research Operations

Innovation + Technology + Experience = Your 1 Stop Shop!

Our comprehensive end-to-end research solutions helps organizations make faster, smarter, better decisions


Survey Programming:

Annik has rich experience of over 14 years in survey scripting across platforms and has scripted more than 10 thousands online data collection surveys each year. Annik is now one of the largest and advanced survey programming teams in the world with specialization in managing multi country multi mode projects. We are known in the industry for scripting complex surveys.

Experienced in designing survey with innovative features including animation and visual interfaces using Flash and HTML5 technology to enhance the respondents experience and drive completion rates and response quality

Expertise in ConfirmIT, MR Dimensions, Sawtooth, Kinesis, Decipher, Qualtrics and other customer proprietary packages


Data Processing:

Bringing it all together

Annik specializes in Data processing Services with an experience of over 14 years. We have developed a diverse portfolio of data processing solutions including data formatting, processing, tabulation, statistical analysis and open end coding services to meet the diverse needs of clients . We provide data and results to clients according to their unique specifications in a cost effective and time bound manner.

Expertise in Quantum, SPSS, Dimensions, Sawtooth, Ascribe.


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Business Research

Our business research solutions for India market helps clients transform insights into competitive advantage.

We address business problems across a variety of domains and industries.

We conduct research, incorporating qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and spanning across B2B and B2C sectors. Our research capabilities are stimulated from our data analytics practice which helps reveal real insights.


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Reporting Solutions:

Data on the go

Our comprehensive reporting solutions help you accelerate time to value and rapidly uncover opportunities


Online/Real time and Offline Dashboards

To enable executives and business users to understand the state of the business

  • Insight and access into critical data, KPIs and metrics
  • Ease of use
  • Key to business action
  • On the fly results


Manual and Automated Reporting

We have specialized team of reporting experts in report design, population and proofreading.

Powered by technology driven solutions for automated reporting.

We do a cost benefit analysis and suggest client the optimal solution for their need.



Strategic decision making tools which help in analyzing various what-if scenarios to make better decisions more quickly. Provide users with an easy-to-use, graphically rich simulation and analysis environment

We help build various simulators for our clients including Conjoint/DC simulators, Maxdiff simulators, TURF simulators, Predictive simulators etc.


How are we different:


rs3-update Research Services


TRUSTED PARTNERSHIP, we are a market-leading provider of flexible, differentiated, global, managed solutions. Our technical and business experience, along with our commitment to provide unparalleled service and support, mean one thing: synergy with our partners and customers.


HIGH QUALITY GLOBAL DELIVERY, Annik has been recognized as a global player for providing out the box solutions for enhanced survey experience and delivering world class market research solutions. Annik is ISO27001 compliant with clearly stated privacy policy to protect client data and PII.


IMPROVED EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS WITH AN OPTIMIZED BUSINESS PROCESS AND IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY LEVERAGE , Annik being committed to innovation believes in blending technology and research intelligently to our clients’ advantage. YEAR OVER YEAR COST SAVINGS, with Annik you are partnering with an experienced company dedicated to help maximize productivity, enhance efficiencies and drive year-on-year cost savings. To attain this we leverage our integrated end-to-end six sigma driven processes, best practices tool kit build over years, distinctive innovations and technology alliances.


SCALABLE MODEL, by virtue of being in this business for over 14 years we have deep understanding of MR ecosystem, processes, standards, tools & technologies and dynamic business needs. We are flexible, enabling you to quickly scale up or down, even temporarily, to meet your changing business needs and stay ahead of the competition.


ENHANCED CAPABILITY, at Annik, our foundation is market research operations. We offer end-to-end solutions to our partners, enabling them to provide efficient, high-quality research capabilities to their clients. Our partners continually rely on us for multi-country sampling, programming, survey hosting, data processing, tabbing, coding, and charting.


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It was good to receive reports within the timeline suggested by us. The team was very responsive. We were provided with local insights which helped us understand the unique data patterns seen in some countries

- Research Director, Luxury Products

Appreciate the extra help to ensure the best information. Please thank the Annik DP team for the efforts they put in to get this data back to me

- Head, Consumer Insights

Annik took care of our requirements which were pretty complex since each respondent had to evaluate all 13 product feature concepts. Also, recruiting users who regularly cook food in microwave ovens, is not so common

- Marketing Manager
Appliances Division

It would be a pleasure to work again with Annik. Insights provided helped in portfolio planning for the next fiscal

- Marketing Manager
Apparel Division

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