Case Study: Customer Data Integration for
a Top Middle East Bank

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Annik designs and implements risk-management framework that helps client get a better-view of its customer’s profiles and reduced exposure to default

Business Challenge

One of the topmost banks in the middle-east region needed to simplify its business processes in order to make it more impactful and drive cost savings.  The main goals involved –

  • Critical Global Limit & Collateral Management Project for Market Risk Area
  • One view of the customer, with data being pulled from eight transactional databases - Intellect, EximBills, Midas, Prime,  Broker Vision, IMAL and RA5
  • Key Risk KPI mapped for attributes from
    • 2 Core Risk Fields
    • 18 Non-Core Fields on Best Effort Basis

However the foremost challenges that were being faced by our client, included :

  • Data governance problems
  • Partial customer data
  • Duplicate entries for the same customer
  • Inconsistent entries made across all the eight databases
  • No digitization of Limits, Facilities, Collaterals, Guarantees, Exposure & Docs

Our Solution

Annik was able to design and implement a solution that blended the best-practices of risk management and advanced data-management technologies.

The integrated solution focused on solving four critical facets –

  1. Alias table creation
  2. De-duping
  3. Data enrichment
  4. Risk mapping


Results & Benefits

Annik’s team was able to get to the root-causes of the data & risk management problems and provide the client with a solid-framework to improve their processes.

The engagement helped the company in –

  • Single source of viewing the customer information
  • 30% reduction in search time, due to  digitization of sanctions
  • Reduced risk towards fraud or default
  • Better view of the credit-score due to efficient data-integration

Value Proposition

Our data and risk management skills helped deliver improved data visualization and laying the base for taking quick & risk-free business decisions.



Annik Operational Risk Management solution helps you comply with operational risk and corporate governance regulations. It provides operational risk analytics and reporting capabilities that help you capture operational risk issues, controls sign-off and measure the economic impact of risks.


Other Key features include:

  1. Basel and SOX Compliant
  2. Easy and seamless Integration with all Core Accounting Systems and Platforms
  3. Industry best practice governed Risk Assessment Workflows
  4. Scenario Based Risk Assessment Configured Workflows
  5. User defined workflow configuration across all units
  6. Configurable Risk Assessments and Assessment Questions.
  7. Business Unit wise Dashboards and Reports
  8. Advanced modeling for Operational risk that includes capital computation and Reporting


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Case Study

Annik designs a robust risk-management framework and implements a custom solution that helps client gain a better-view of its customer’s profiles and reduced exposure to default...


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